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So many things are going on in my life! I have a tendency to lose track of time and space when I focus on something that I love, so I felt the need to let you in on some of the changes. Here’s the first one:


I became a Beachbody coach at the end of last year. Until very recently, I had not put any time or effort into it, though. My first experience with Beachbody was a few years ago, when I ordered the 21 Day Fix program after watching a late night infomercial. Isn’t that how most people learn about things like this? I’ve had friends and family members mention Shakeology or P90X off and on, but I’d never been interested enough to give them a second thought. And P90X is scary!!

At the end of last year, my youngest daughter convinced me to sign up as a coach under her “just for the discount” and that was that! Then a few weeks ago, a friend saw a similar infomercial. This one was for the PiYo workout. She called in and ordered the program, and was signed up under a random coach. She logged on to Facebook and “liked” the PiYo page and noticed that I was a follower of the page, as well. I made a deal with her (and with myself), right then and there! If she would call and change her coach to me, I would order the same program and start a Challenge Group on Facebook! We would go through this program together, and lean on each other for support. She agreed and we are about to start Week 3 of an amazing Challenge Group. It’s been a lot of fun, so far, and I’m really looking forward to working with more people toward healthy goals. Come find me at Beachbody!



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