Work It!

I was talking to a friend last night about getting together to discuss menu plans and exercise plans. We talked about how much good it does to have encouragement and support when you’re trying to do something as difficult as getting in shape. I truly believe that to be true. Everyone works a little harder when they have a support system cheering them on to victory. Unfortunately, though, not all well-intentioned cheerleaders are as helpful as they believe themselves to be!

Who you are

For example, the spouse/friend/lover/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/mom/dad/etc. who tells you that they love you just the way you are, or that you shouldn’t worry about your weight but rather be proud of who you are… The “I love you no matter what size you wear” people… You know the ones! They really are doing us a disservice. While it’s good to have a healthy body image, these people are cheering you on… to stay exactly as you are… to not try to better yourself or your health. That’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your relationship with them.  They are giving you permission to not try and to go on about life as you’ve always done.


Never done


This model wont work for me, any longer. I need a different kind of support system. I need people who will tell me to “Work that ass” and “Great job! Let’s do it again!” These are the kinds of people I want in my corner, cheering me on! These kinds of people are not pandering to me. These are people who want to see me do better, go farther, be stronger than I’ve ever done before!

Work that ass


So I say a great big THANK YOU to the likes of Owlie, CTW, The OTHER Jen, CK, and C&K for pushing me beyond who I am to who I WILL be – better, stronger and farther than I’ve ever been!

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  1. Owlie
    February 5, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    I’m so proud of your commitment to your health & future! You can do this. Not for me, family, friends, or anyone else but yourself. Every day is an investment in the healthier, happier you! Keep up the good work :)

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